News: LegalShift, LLC and Campbell & Partner’s Consulting drive law firm print improvements and lower costs

Industry Leading Consulting Partner to Provide “Complete Print Solutions” Tailored for Law Firms

February 17, 2020 10:08 ET | Source: LegalShift, LLC and Campbell and Partners Consulting

CHICAGO and SYDNEY – (Feb 17, 2020) –  Combining the strengths of two of the most respected consultants in the legal industry, LegalShift, LLC and Campbell & Partners Consulting (CPC) come together as one to provide an independent approach to meet law firm internal, office, commercial and outsourced printing needs.

The joint global team of experienced, commercially focused consultants, provides the ultimate in vendor independent Complete Print Solutions and takes a unique approach to the provision of services.

Together LegalShift and CPC, provide a client-centric approach to re-imagining client printing needs and significantly enhancing capabilities, while reducing law firm print related costs.  The partners maintain strategic and independent partnerships with all of the major print hardware, software and services providers, to deliver the optimal outcome to clients. LegalShift and CPC team members have worked together for the past decade, to develop uniquely valuable, affordable print solutions, a first, in the global legal market.

Rick Campbell, CPC’s CEO said, “LegalShift is the leading legal practice and business efficiency improvement firm, focused on law firms. CPC and the LegalShift team work together to re-imagine your “practice and business of law” processes, leveraging technology and new people models, to optimize the Complete Print Solution, tailored to the legal market.”

“We continue our multi-year partnership with CPC’s team, who are true print experts composed of former industry insiders, print and technology subject matter experts, and business people focused on improving value while substantively reducing costs”, said Dan Safran, President/CEO of LegalShift.  “Together, we are taking advantage of “paper-lite” opportunities to re-engineer the firm, its print structure and its cost basis.  This is an opportunity for virtually every law firm.”

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About LegalShift, LLC

LegalShift is a full service, independent consulting company which leads law firms on the journey to improve client service delivery, enhance business operations and leverage technology. The company, as part of its delivery, drives substantial cost reduction outcomes, while also improving profits and speed, lowering risk, cultivating upgraded law firm value. LegalShift’s highly acclaimed and experienced legal consultant model, leverages operational strategy, process, organization and automation to achieve strategic results.

For more information, please contact LegalShift by phone at 844 SHIFT US (844-744-3887) or via email at, or visit

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Dan Safran
LegalShift, LLC

About Campbell and Partners Consulting
Campbell and Partners Consulting (CPC)’s vision is to provide an unparalleled level of industry expertise combined with dynamic customer service that exceeds client expectations, whilst meeting the global corporate need for bespoke vendor-independent complete print solutions.

Commencing operations in Melbourne, Australia, CPC has offices in Sydney, Auckland, Chicago, New York and London. With a team of industry and market specialists, CPC provide dedicated support and project partnership to a rapidly growing list of diverse global customers requiring enterprise-level solutions.

CPC provide a ‘white glove’ approach to the design of client Complete Print Solutions. CPC works to understand your current print environment and related expenditure to confirm where and how it’s being spent. Data is used to identify inefficiencies and develop and deploy customized strategies to streamline business workflow, increase productivity and achieve double-digit percentage net savings..

For more information, please contact CPC by phone at 312-803-3690 or via email at

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Rick Campbell
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Article: Best Practices in Law Firm “Business of Law” Merger Integration

Best Practices in Law Firm “Business of Law” Merger Integration

Article: Cost Savings Case Study

LegalShift’s consulting services are largely focused on operational improvement.  However, based on our team’s broad experience, law firms and law departments approach us to help them review and save contractual costs.  Spend categories for these services have evolved to include:

Law Firm Operations

Law Firm Technology

Legal research contracts spend reduction and library efficiency Telecommunications cost reduction
Middle and back office managed services spend reduction Technology (IT) spend reduction
Gas and electric fees reduction Print/copier equipment and managed services cost reduction

The following case study is intended to highlight a recent law firm success.

AUDIT OBJECTIVE: LegalShift was hired by the new COO of a large law firm to perform a Back-Mid Office Services and Technology Software and Services Audit, scoped to include a variety of administrative services and technology contracts that were hand selected by the Firm.

Background: In the areas defined by the client, the firm was spending approximately $4.5M annually, in contracted back and mid-office services, software, hardware and technology services including telecommunications services (wireless, wireline and conferencing).

AUDIT DISCOVERIES: When reviewing the invoices, contracts, service level agreements, headcounts, utilization, etc., LegalShift discovered the following:

  • Billing errors by providers
  • Expired contracts
  • Client was paying above-market rates
  • Delivered services were, in many cases, substandard
  • Auto-renewal clauses without limits on annual fee increases
  • Contract minimums above actual consumption
  • Heavier staff coverage than required to meet Service Legal Agreements
  • Zero-usage mobile devices (being billed at full monthly fees)
  • Inefficient processes relating to invoice validation and processing (e.g., paper bills, unconsolidated bills and manual bill review, G/L cost allocation, inputting of invoice data, tracking of contract expiration dates, processing and payment of bills)

RESULTS: LegalShift delivered a one-year cost savings of over 30%, totaling almost $1.4M.  Four- year savings total approximately $5.2M.  First year savings breakout, alone, can be found below:

  • $700,000 (43% savings) in copy, mailroom, print related services, software and hardware
  • $120,000 savings on expensive financial software licenses and subscription fees
  • $170,000 (13% savings) of optimization savings and credits due to telecommunications billing errors
  • $95,000 (15% savings) of optimization and contract savings
  • $100,000 savings switching conferencing service providers

In addition, LegalShift continues to expand its review scope with further savings to be identified.

NOTE:  Importantly, the results had no negative impact on the Firm’s lawyers, while service levels and solution capabilities improved across the board. 

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News: CLOC launches LPM webinar series

LegalShift leads and participates in the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium Legal Project Management Initiative

March 3, 2019 | published by Aileen R. Leventon

After many years of attention to LPM in law firms, CLOC determined to bring the discipline of project management to corporate legal operations professionals by launching an initiative in 2017. Significant valuable materials were developed and appear on the CLOC website at

The CLOC LPM framework applies to matters handled exclusively by in-house counsel, internal legal operations projects, matters handled exclusively by outside counsel, and projects where in-house counsel collaborate with law firms and other external service providers and emphasizes communication and adding value.

Under the leadership of Aileen Leventon (Edge International) and David Rueff (BakerDonelson) participants in the CLOC LPM Initiative and CLOC members have created a 5-part webinar series starting on March 8, 2019 that provides practical tools that CLOC members can use immediately.

We are honored to have had the pleasure of working with nearly 30 members of the legal ecosystem who participated in the creation of this initiative led by: Larry Bridgesmith (Legal Alignment), Patrick Ellis (General Motors), Aileen Leventon (Edge International), Pratik Patel (Elevate), Scott Rosenberg (LegalShift),and David Rueff (Baker Donelson).

Members of the LPM Initiative Team (2016 – 2018):

Danny Kotlowitz, Telstra

Mick Sheehy, Telstra

Verity White, Telstra

Lisa Goodman, Telstra

Lisa Brown, Starbucks

Marisa Flores, Starbucks

Nicole Bergknoff, Raymond James

Christopher Ende, GE

Karen Helten, Kaiser Permanente

Greg Kaple, Kaiser Permanente

Mary McKay, GAPAC

Connie Brenton, NetApp

Karen Murakami, Verizon

Rick Kathuria, Gowling WLG

Kevin Bielawski, Husch Blackwell

Janelle Belling, Perkins Coie

Brendan McInerney, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Lynne Maher, Hunton & Williams LLP

Stuart Dodds, Baker Mckenzie

Gavin Gray, Baker Mckenzie

Andy Daws, Riverview Law

Brian Pike, Riverview Law

Liam Brown, Elevate Services

Dan Safran, LegalShift

Susan Lambreth, LawVision Group

News: Webinar – A Scorecard for Outside Counsel Efficiency

Friday, December 14, 2018

10:30 – 11:30 AM Central Standard Time


The legal industry now places efficiency on equal footing with quality.  In response, law firms consistently throw around terms like legal project management, agile, scrum, process improvement, Lean and Six Sigma.  But is a label enough to demonstrate an ability to manage work efficiently?  Is something more needed?

This webinar will investigate new and progressive measures, regardless of labels, that can demonstrate an outside counsel’s commitment to efficiency and will provide you with an important take-a-way, a scorecard that you can immediately implement to both measure your outside counsel and help them improve.    Links to materials for download—presentation and scorecard–can be found below.


David Rueff
Legal Project Management Officer
Baker Donelson

Megan McGrew
LPM Manager – Business and Health Law
Baker Donelson

Scott Rosenberg
Managing Director and Corporate Counsel

Jim Wilbur
Altman Weil, Inc.