For your benefit and ease, LegalShift has developed
    “packaged” quick start solutions that can help you achieve
    efficiency and cost savings results in minimal time
    and deployment cost.



Be proactive.

Legal project management techniques can result in a 30% reduction in legal spend
and a 50% reduction in matter duration by clarifying client expectations, supporting
process transparency and establishing budget accountability.



Look beyond eBilling.

Programs that enable alternative sourcing, pricing and vendor oversight
provide lawyers more predictable, sustainable and cost-efficient operations.



Automate for efficiency.

Technology assessment and structured selection methods help lawyers identify
opportunities to leverage software investment, control cost, and better manage risk.



Exploit contract assets.

Contract management software provides lawyers a centralized repository for lifecycle
management while contract discovery tools and extraction techniques uncover
hidden revenue opportunity and compliance risk.



Leverage lawyer knowledge.

Capturing and using lawyer knowledge and experience is misunderstood and
under-leveraged. Legal spend can be reduced and efficiency greatly improved
through enhanced processes and automation.

At LegalShift, we believe that innovative and transformative solutions require the integration of people, process and technology. So our Quick Start solutions are designed with all three components in mind. Shift how you do business while better aligning with client needs.


We’ve created Legal Project Management (LPM) awareness training and programs that have changed the in-house/outside counsel dynamic from an audit-driven reactive response to one of proactive partnering based on clarity, transparency, confidence and trust. Because LPM is designed to achieve desired behavioral change, this solution is as much about people and process as it is about technology. In this context, we believe current foundational systems—i.e., matter management and eBilling—must be supplemented with good LPM practices. We thus offer the following formula for success:  Operational Excellence = MMS/eBilling (technology) + LPM (people & process). LPM techniques dramatically increase the probability of better business outcomes than matter management and eBilling alone. Don’t just treat the symptoms of bad behavior; enable the cure.


eBilling and data analytics are important but only provide information in hindsight and do little to promote behavioral change. So, we’ve developed a new process that completely flips current budget and invoice processing workflows on their head, saving lawyers tremendous time while gaining greater insight into their review, submission and compliance analysis of budgets and vendor invoices. No need to turn lawyers into billing analysts.


Automation plays an ever-increasing efficiency role within the legal department. Whether needed technologies are centered on machine learning/artificial intelligence, matter management, eBilling, document management, contract lifecycle management, records, IP docketing, automated workflow, contract discovery, legal holds, eDiscovery, entity/board management, deal rooms, etc., we have the skills and expertise to help you build the business case, define, select, plan and deploy the solution(s), and identify and institute changes in process and governance needed to optimize your investment. Automate for efficiency.


An additional benefit of properly monitoring and controlling contracts (referred to as enterprise contract lifecycle management is in leveraging terms and conditions to maximize their value and to minimize non-compliance with laws and regulations. We’ve taken many of the latest-generation concepts and tools used in artificial intelligence (AI) and used them to create automated processes in identification of opportunities for revenue recovery, thereby turning the law department into an actual profit center. Call it cDiscovery.


Our knowledge management consultants are expert in identifying and developing innovative methods for capturing and re-using legal know-how and identifying colleagues with relevant experience. These initiatives allow clients to connect disparate repositories of authoritative source information in ways that support better information sharing and resource leverage. Benefit from your team’s collective wisdom.