Improving Business Productivity through Process Automation

Process automation through technology is a key to improving law firm efficiencies, speeding work through the process, providing better value to law department clients and improving overall firm economics.  We focus on a performing comprehensive, independent assessments, recommendations, roadmaps and program oversight across almost all areas of law firm administrative operations and administrative support technologies, including but not limited to: document management, records management, knowledge management, ethical walls, new business intake/conflicts, email and email integration, IP and litigation docket, eDiscovery/Litigation support, enterprise, search, document assembly, financial systems, human resource related systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems,  intranets, extranets and the like.

LegalShift assesses, recommends and delivers a practical automation roadmap including timelines and costs to move from today to your law firm operations future state.  Our recommendations span technology strategy, IT process, technology organization and technology applications to drive efficiency, speed, lowered costs and higher quality, improving the outputs from the law department/law firm relationship.

  • Client: 700 lawyer global law firm
  • Problem: This fast growing law firm identified that their internal processes, operations organization skills and size, and technologies were out of sync with their practice growth.
  • Solution: LegalShift team members developed a three (3) year strategy, plan and roadmap based on a full assessment that spanned operational strategy, governance, process, organization, software applications and infrastructure. Project results were delivered to the Firm’s full Board of Directors.  Following the completion of the assessment, our team members were engaged in providing ongoing process and technology leadership and counsel to the Firm’s CIO, Technology Chair and COO, advising the firm in cross functional areas as well as assisting the firm in the ongoing budgeting process.  The Firm subsequently engaged our team members  to assist on a number of follow-on execution initiatives including: selection and hiring of an IT management team; IT process improvements; a more detailed business re-engineering effort focused on the litigation support/eDiscovery service delivery set; a financial process and systems review; design and development of new business intake and conflicts processes and tools; and a continuing advisory role to assist the firm and its services alignment to end client needs.