What future technologies should law firms and corporate legal departments expect to incorporate into business operations?

Mag glass Tools To Analyze the Contents of Contracts

Contract discovery is an emerging high-value technology set for corporate legal departments. This technology, provided by companies like kReveal, Brightleaf and Seal Software, can assist organizations in finding all of their enterprise contracts, whether they live in the legal department, the procurement department or within other corporate lines of business. Better yet, this technology can analyze the content of contracts. This, along with very specific, highvalue processes and legal review, can help attorneys identify contract exposures they never knew about and identify areas of noncompliance and opportunity –– enabling the general counsel to be a profit generator.

Dan Safran is President/CEO at LegalShift, LLC.  His is former EVP at Project Leadership Associates heading its Legal Vertical as well as its Managing Consulting practices.  Prior to this, Dan was President of Project Leadership Consulting and has held a variety of President/EVP/COO and Global CIO roles over his 32 years of work experience in both the legal and corporate business sectors.  Dan spent the first nine years of his consulting career at Arthur Andersen/Andersen Consulting (now, Accenture).   Dan can be reached directly at (312) 560-8932 or at dsafran@legalshift.com.

This article was first published in ILTA’s Summer 2016 issue of Peer to Peertitled “Future-Focused: Future Tech” and is reprinted here with permission. For more information about ILTA, visit www.iltanet.org.